State Madam President

Judy Williamson

State Madam Presidents Charity


"Eagles Rock they're here to stay to help cancer go away"


Cowell Family Cancer Center


Patients and their families step into a tranquil, nature-infused environment that encourages and comforts them at every turn. 

In addition to critical medical treatments, the center offers life-affirming health and wellness services that treat the whole body and mind to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

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Grayling #3465


"Cardinals sing for you to bring a new member into the nest"

Memorial Forest


In late 1996 State Vice President, Pete Hypio, and State Chaplain, Gordon Cronin, conceived the vision of a literal forest made up of a variety of trees planted in memory of departed Eagles.


We pay tribute to our God and we proudly fly our Country's flag.


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We will strive unselfishly to live For Home, For Country and For God